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Swadhaar is an urban microfinance institution headquartered in Mumbai, India. We aim to provide urban, low-income micro-entrepreneurs and salaried workers access to financial services, so that they may become self-reliant and meet their aspirations for a better and secure future.

In this section, you will get a glimpse of Swadhaar – our mission, vision and values, as well as the leadership team steering the organisation’s growth. The ‘mission, vision & values’ section highlights the purpose, goals and ethos that drive Swadhaar’s operations. ‘Background’ provides an understanding of the Indian microfinance sector in general, and why we have chosen to engage in urban microfinance, in particular. Under “governance” you will learn about the individuals and institutions guiding the organisation’s corporate governance: our Board of Directors, shareholders, bankers and auditors. This section also includes Swadhaar’s Fair Practice Code, which outlines the organisation’s policies with respect to credit delivery, ethical staff behavior and client protection. Click on ‘leadership team’ to learn about our senior management team, which is comprised of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of social development, finance, risk management and IT.

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