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fair practice code

Swadhaar has in place a Fair Practice Code (FPC), which includes guidelines on appropriate staff conduct when dealing with customers and on the organisation’s policies vis-à-vis client protection. The FPC captures the spirit of the Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines on fair practices for Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), as well as the codes of conduct put forth by the Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN) and Sa-dhan*. Whilst no longer an NBFC, Swadhaar continues affiliations to both industry associations and follows fair practices applicable under the industry-level codes of conduct .

*MFIN is a self-regulatory organisation of 44 NBFC-MFIs that aims to work with regulators to promote microfinance to achieve larger financial inclusion goals. Sa-dhan is a network of 220 MFIs and other community development organisations that seeks to build the field of community development finance in India.

Swadhaar FinServe Private Limited Fair Practice Code
Swadhaar FinServe Private Limited Fair Practice Code (Hindi)

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