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Swadhaar Associate Program
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Yaquta Kanchwala, a 2008 – 2009 Associate in the Operations Department, helped devise and implement a plan to centralise Swadhaar’s back-office operations. Read more.

My time at Swadhaar proved to be a rich experience comprising of many distinct responsibilities, which allowed me to gain extensive knowledge in the field of microfinance. I worked with a talented and experienced team, faced several professional challenges, prepared documentation on a regular basis, ensured compliance with Reserve Bank of India guidelines, interacted with a varied group of branch staff, visited the field and interacted with clients and, most importantly, formed invaluable relationships.

Although I worked in several different areas at Swadhaar, my most memorable project involved analysing the back office operations at the organisation’s (then) 16 outlets and centralising a variety of tasks so as to increase efficiency and improve customer service. Through several rounds of deliberations, my team designed a process for centralising back office operations. Within 3 months, we adopted a “hub and spoke” methodology, wherein the back office would act as a “hub” for a number of branches (the “spokes”). Implementation and expectation management at the hub and branches presented a distinct set of challenges, which the team met with innovation, professionalism and patience.

During the initial phase of the project, we addressed as many potential issues as possible through discussions with branch staff in the field and senior managers at the Head Office. During the execution phase, we came across several unforeseen problems, which we solved through trial and error. It was exciting to apply my analytical and problem-solving skills, previously acquired during my bachelor’s degree in engineering and at my former workplace, to my projects at Swadhaar.

I will be pursuing a post-graduate degree in international affairs and development and hope to apply the skills and experience gained at Swadhaar in my future career.

Yaquta Kanchwala
Associate, Operations Team
2008 – 2009


Dipika Ailani joined Swadhaar as an Associate on the Strategy team in 2009. Dipika’s projects have involved financial modeling, working on the Company’s annual budget and helping streamline its current internal reporting system to better serve Swadhaar’s information requirements. Read more.

I wanted to work at a social enterprise that aimed to alleviate poverty in a commercially viable way. Microfinance seemed the obvious answer. I chose to work at Swadhaar FinServe not only because of its well-defined Associate Program, but also because it is an innovative organisation supported by renowned organisations, such as ACCION International and Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, among others.

One of the first things the COO told me when I joined is that Swadhaar is an open, non-hierarchical organisation. I have most definitely experienced this over the seven months I have worked here. I have been entrusted with challenging projects, including working on the organisation’s annual budget and generating financial models for various operations-related simulations. I am currently working as an intermediary between the business team and the information technology (IT) team to identify the organisation’s information requirements and find a suitable, cost-effective solution.

The team at Swadhaar is passionate and talented, making my experience all the more stimulating. Working at a growing organisation has given me the opportunity to develop professionally and make meaningful contributions. My experience in the Associate Program has far surpassed my expectations.

Dipika Ailani
Associate, Strategy Team
2009 – 2011

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